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>> announcer: news 4 midday starts now. >> we're watching the radar. more snow coming this way. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein will let us know when to expect the first flakes. >> baltimore is celebrating a super bowl win. we'll tell you how the city plans to welcome the team home. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. >> it's monday, february 4, 2013. we begin with breaking news. just about an hour ago d.c. police confirmed an arrest has been made in connection to a deadly stabbing over the weekend. police found the body of a 68-year-old man in the 1600
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block of fuller street northwest off 16th street saturday night. news 4's megan mcgrath has the latest. >> it's a murder that caught residents of the mozart apartments off guard. they say arnold vennable, jr., was a good man who often took care of his grand daughter on the weekends. they are stunned by the fatal stabbing that occurred. police released new information. they say they have a suspect in custody. they have arrested 21-year-old david jamal wilson of northwest washington. he's been charged with first-degree murder while armed. police say wilson had been staying in the victim's apartment. eleanor triplet makes the short walk from her apartment building to a nearby senior center for breakfast. a trip she often made with howard vennable. this morning it is a walk she must make alone.
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>> i don't know who could do this to him. he was a nice man. >> reporter: before 7:00 saturday night police got a call of an unconscious man on fuller street in northwest. when officers arrived they found 68-year-old howard venable lying lifeless on the floor. >> somebody said howard was sick or something. then after that we found out that it wasn't that he was sick. that he had been stabbed. >> reporter: late this morning came word of an arrest in the case. residents are relieved, but they continue to mourn for the loss of their friend and neighbor. >> he was a beautiful person. he really was. we're going to miss him. he really had a presence. when he came in, you felt like you were in the presence of somebody who really had something to offer. he had a genuine conversation
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with you. and it was nice. it was nice. he was truly a nice person. so sorry it happened. so sorry. praying for the family. >> reporter: again, police have made an arrest in the murder. 21-year-old david jamal wilson of northwest washington has been charged with murder while armed. exactly what the relationship is between the suspect and victim is unclear. police will say it appears the suspect had been staying in the victim's apartment. just how long is unclear. they are characterizing this as a domestic situation. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you in studio. >> a lot of questions to be answered. >> new today, police are investigating two bank robberies that happened one after the other in northwest. police say someone held up the pnc bank in the 4200 block of wisconsin avenue and the bank of america in the 3400 block of connecticut avenue.
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the first hold-up happened around 9:30 this morning. the second happened only 20 minutes later. police tell us it's possible these robberies are related. today, the group raise d.c. released its first findings on young people in the district. the numbers are discouraging. only four in ten third grade students can read proficiently. only six students graduate high school within four years. nearly 10,000 low income youths between 16 and 24 don't have a job nor are they in school. raise d.c. includes the chancellor and leaders from the business sector and other organizations. the goal is to help young people in d.c. from the time they start school to job training opportunities after high school. >> switching gears now. people in chicago are dealing with yet another round of oh winter weather. the snow moved in as people tried to get to work which slowed things on the road and delayed flights by as much as an hour and a half at chicago's o'hare airport. two inches of snow fell in a
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short amount of time before tapering off. we could see snow here later today. for now, cold and gray. tom kierein with the first forecast. hey, tom. >> that was the most snow chicago has had this winter. unbelievable. way below average for them. there it is on storm team 4 radar now moving through indiana, ohio and streaming down toward the west virginia border and western pennsylvania. closer here to washington we have increasing clouds. our temperatures are still below freezing. much of the region right near the freezing mark in arlington, fairfax county. upper 20s in montgomery county. around 30 in prince georges county. we have high clouds streaming over the region. we have a winter weather advisory posted closer to us. the area in the pink color is a winter storm warning.
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they could get over 7 to 9 inches in western maryland from this. it will last longer. i will show you my updated totals map and the timing and locations coming up in a few minutes along with the 7-day outlook. >> can't wait. >> a big change is under way at a busy metro station. today is the first day for an escalator replacement station at the pentagon station. so the south entrance will be closed. it will be closed into the fall of this year. when completed the escalators will be similar to the ones recently installed at the dupont circle station. the north entrance will be open during construction. police are investigating a crash involving a school bus this morning. the bus collided with an suv at the intersection of connecticut and east-west highway. there were no students on the bus at the time of the accident. the bus was actually on its way
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to pick up students for school. there were no serious injuries reported. danella? >> it's quiet today. a lot of folks slept in, i think, because of the super bowl. let's talk about construction on the beltway here. the outer loop toward georgetown pike, you will see an alternating closure. possibly over to right lane. not bad on the american legion bridge but you will hit the brakes and slow there. eastbound at fairfax county parkway. construction should be in the left lane or right lane. alternating closure there as well. travel lanes are open. keith, over to you. >> boy, was there traffic out of baltimore last night with the crazy fans. it will be a fun time in baltimore. the city celebrating the ravens second super bowl title.
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>> and the ravens have won it 34-31. >> the ravens beat the 49ers last night to win super bowl xlvii in new orleans. baltimore jumped out to a 28-6 lead but had to survive a furious comeback by san francisco. in the end, john beats jim in the battle of the harbaugh coaches. ray lewis retires after 17 seasons and walks away as a two-time super bowl champion. >> i have had dreams after dreams. couldn't sleep. every time i saw this moment -- >> there are no words. it hasn't sunk in yet. i don't think it's sunk in that we are here, let alone won the thing. pretty cool. >> joe flacco said he didn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath. named super bowl mvp.
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three touchdown passes and the win. he'll be honored today at disneyworld with a parade through the magic kingdom. >> super bowl! super bowl! super bowl! >> ravens fans in baltimore are ready to welcome their team home. with the championship parade set for tomorrow. more on that in a minute. >> i was right up in it in federal hill last night. thousands of fans poured into the streets after the game. police haven't said if they arrested anyone. we are getting reports of damage to cars in the area. let me tell you. from what i saw, the folks i spoke to, best way to describe it -- controlled chaos. >> thank you, ravens! yay! all the way! >> awesome, man. ravens. go, flacco! >> police were prepared for the celebration. they called in extra officers to make sure the crowd did not get out of control. >> there will be a more formal
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celebration in baltimore tomorrow. the city will host a parade at 10:45 tomorrow morning at city hall. the parade route winds through downtown and ends up at m & t bank stadium. the celebration will continue in the stadium at 12:30. the event is free and open to the public. if you go out and get to baltimore sun now, this is what you will see on the cover. no clever headline. just a simple phrase that says it all. super bowl xlvii champs, along with a picture of, of course, ray lewis. the mayor of new orleans expects more answers in the coming days about one of the more unusual moments in last night's game. the power went with out at the superdome. if you were watching you saw it during the third quarter. actually -- was it the third quarter? >> yeah, it was. i had to sit through it. >> right. it delayed the game for more than a half hour. both teams' coaches were clearly upset. the electricity company blames it on sensing equipment which
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detektd an abnormality in the system. backup generators kicked in. and the game went on. i know you were out there. >> i was in baltimore. >> you were watching on tv? >> i was watching them in the bar. i was watching in the streets, listening on the radio. i was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. >> my husband went to bed when the ravens were ahead and the lights went out. i had to wake him up and say, hey, wake up. >> when the lights went out we were listening to the radio. it said san fran scores 14 points in two minutes. >> unbelievable. so happy though. >> so are the ravens and the city of baltimore. it's a victory and we're claiming it. 11:11 on news 4 midday. >> and what president obama had to say about the debate over
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we have breaking news. there is a report of shots fired at a school in oklahoma happening at cowetta intermediate high school. police tell nbc news the building is secure. no word on injuries. we expect to learn new details in an upcoming news conference. >> north korea is just one of many issues new secretary of state john kerry will look at today. today was kerry's first official day of work at the state department. the former massachusetts senator showed up this morning to meet his new employees. kerry received a rousing ovation when he walked in. he told the crowd he's relying on them the further the state department's agenda here and around the globe. >> i need your help. president obama needs your help.
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to help us to do everything we can to strengthen our nation and to carry those ideals out into the world. >> kerry also said he has big "heels" to fill as he follows in the footsteps of two women. secretaries of state hillary clinton and condoleezza rice. >> right now president obama is headed to minneapolis. his first trip out of washington to push for gun control laws. a picture of the president has people talking this morning. tracie potts has more. [ "hail to the chief" ] ♪ >> reporter: as president obama pitches a gun control plan more reaction to this white house photo of the president skeet shooting at camp david. critics say he's pandering to conservatives while pushing for a ban on assault weapons that seems to have no chance on capitol hill. universal background checks is gaining support.
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>> i think everyone acknowledges we should do something with background checks. >> reporter: mark kelly argues checks must be expanded to keep guns away from mentally ill people like jared loughner, charged with shooting kelly's wife former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> the case of the rejection at the gun store he could have easily gone to a gun show or private seller to get a gun. >> reporter: this super bowl ad accused the nra of making a complete turnaround on universal background check. this was the nra after columbine. >> we think it is reasonable to provide mandatory instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show. no loopholes anywhere for anyone. >> reporter: this was the nra's ceo on fox sunday. >> it will never be universal. criminals could care less. >> reporter: the group behind the ad is mayors against weapons. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> president obama is calling on the boy scouts of america to end
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its controversial ban on gay members and leaders. a move they will vote on this week. yesterday the president said everyone should have a fair shot to participate. >> the scouts are a great institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership that will serve people. >> the organization is set to vote on turning the ban bends. >> right now, friends, family and the city of new york are saying final good-byes to former mayor ed koch. mayor michael bloomberg and president bill clinton will speak at the funeral, just getting under way now. a new york city subway station will be renamed in his honor. starting today the east 77th street will be called mayor ed koch station. he died of congestive heart
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failure on friday. he was 88 years old. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us now. >> beautiful snow coming down gently. >> light and fluffy. >> snowshowers came through. i took a photo yesterday afternoon when one of the snowshowers was coming through in northern montgomery county. it was beautiful. also snow coming down in dale city in virginia. that's where david whitman took a photo of a beautiful cardinal on a tree branch with a fresh coating of snow. a few minutes later he got a photo of a hawk. there is the sky over washington. it's getting increasingly cloudy. it's a milky sky now with high
11:20 am
clouds coming in. the dewpoint at 11 is extremely dry. we have a light wind out of the west-northwest. temperatures elsewhere, montgomery county near 30. near freezing in prince georges county. southern maryland, south and west of washington through virginia. that includes arlington and fairfax, louden and prince william. storm teem four coming into far northern west virginia. southwestern pennsylvania. one to three inches in chicago which caused traffic b problems this morning and is continuing to track to the south and east. here is the timing. by 9:00 it looks like some of the snow may be able to accumulate in the valley. a lot of accumulating snow will be north of the metro area. this is as of midnight tonight. by 2:00 a.m., might have a few sprinkles of rain to the south. it should be gone by 7:00 in the morning. it should be way off to the east
11:21 am
and gone. then a winter weather advisory expiring. it is in effect until 6:00 a.m. a tuesday including the east counties in west virginia, western maryland, way out in maryland they will get more. that's a winter storm warning zone in the pink. 2:00 p.m., increasing clouds. by 4:00 p.m., upper 30s and cloudy. just holding steady in the 30s between 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. by 6:00, back to the mid 30s. maybe a few flurries off to the west. beginning to reach the ground by 6:00 p.m. between 8:00 p.m. to midnight, we'll probably get the bulk of any accumulating light snow holding steady near 30 degrees. we'll get up to an inch, mostly a dusting to an inch in washington, prince georges, montgomery, arlington, louden and points north and west. a little bit more. maybe one to two inches with higher amounts in maryland. four-day forecast showing sun back tomorrow into the 40s. maybe flurries tomorrow night. wednesday, thursday, sun back.
11:22 am
highs, mid 40s. morning lows in the 30s. highs in the 40st all the way into friday, saturday and sunday. friday we might get some rain. back with another update in a few minutes. over to you. >> thank you, tom. still ahead, the record-breaking performance at the super bowl but not from a football player. >> and the super bowl ads people were talking about this morning, both touching and humorous. >> first a look at what's hot on
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this morning everyone seems to be talking about the performances of the super bowl. that should help beyonce with her upcoming world tour.
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♪ >> beyonce announces she'll go on a world tour called the mrs. carter show. she's married to jay-z. his last name is carter. presale tickets are available on friday morning. mrs. obama said she loves the show saying watching the super bowl with family and friends. beyonce was phenomenal. she wrote, i'm so proud of her. the first lady tweeted "great game, congrats to the ravens, see you at the white house." ♪ o say can you see >> even that note was drawn out. gram my award winner alicia keys's rendition will go down in the history books as the longest
11:27 am
national anthem at a super bowl. she added a few words at the end. the official time was just over 156 seconds. that tops natalie cole's 152-second performance in 1994. it's still going on -- right now. >> people are also talking about the memorable social media this morning. >> here is the one that finished first in the ad meter. ♪ >> this budweiser commercial featuring a clydesdale horse and his former owner was a tearjerker. it won the 2013 usa today ad meter title. another award winner. ♪ >> you have been the reason we push on. >> chrysler's jeep commercial featuring the voice of oprah was with another emotional
11:28 am
commercial, paying tribute to our troops. it was one of the ads that topped the wall street journal survey. >> dude, you got montana on your jersey. >> this tide commercial was one of the funniest ones. a 49ers fan gets a joe montana miracle stain and after all the hype his wife, a ravens fan, washes it away with tide. >> and on the eighth day, god looked down on his planned paradise and said, i need a caretaker, so god made a farmer. >> you may have recognized the voice of the late paul harvey in that dodge ram commercial. they were all great, weren't they? >> they were. some emotional. some humorous, some weird. >> that jeep commercial was moving. >> part of the game that everybody likes a lot
11:29 am
definitely. the time is 11:29. coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk about one other super bowl ad. this one taking on the serious subject of gun control. >> plus how civil rights activist rosa parks is being honored today. >> and a sports icon uses a simple photo to send a message about his health. >> tom kierein is back with an update to tell us all about the conditions he's expecting later today and tomorrow. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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right now we are finding out the details baltimore is planning to honor its super bowl champion ravens. they beat the san francisco 49ers last night in super bowl xlvii. baltimore will host a parade in the team's honor tomorrow at 10:45 at city hall. it ends at mnt bank stadium. there will be a rally at the stadium. the whole celebration is free. >> right now president obama is on his way to minnesota. he took off from joint base andrews a short time ago. he's meeting with law
11:33 am
enforcement in minneapolis about curbing gun violence. this is the first time he's lost washington to promote his proposed reform of gun control. >> this morning the debate over gun control takes a turn because of a commercial that ran in d.c. during last night's super bowl. this ad ran at the beginning of the third quarter last night. it showed nra executive vice president wayne lapierre after the shooting at the columbine high school in 1999 saying he supported closing a loophole on background checks. the ad was paid for by mayors against illegal guns which is cochaired by new york mayor bloomberg. >> a forum at the university of maryland's baltimore campus over how to curb b gun violence. state attorney general douglas gam ler is hosting the meeting. montgomery county police chief jay thomas major are speaking. today virginia lawmakers take up the gun show loophole. the justice committee will
11:34 am
discuss whether to enforce background checks. currently only licensed dealers are required to obtain checks at gun shows. the general assembly rejected numerous proposals. private sellers as recently as last month. >> a hostage situation in alabama drags into its 7th day today. police are releasing more information about the gunman. jimmy lee dykes is accused of killing a bus driver and taking a 5-year-old boy hostage. dykes is a decorated vietnam era veteran. neighbors say he used to walk the property at night with a flashlight and a gun. they say he threatened to shoot children before. he's now holed up in an underground bunker with the boy. police have been in communication with the two. they have delivered food, tois and medicine for the boy. >> a piece of positive news now. the family of muhammed ali is punching back against report that is the poxer is near death.
11:35 am
the rumors started circulating on the internet. ali's wife released photos of the 71-year-old over the weekend showing him in ravens gear. she joked that she knows he's fine because he was so star struck during beyonce's show. he didn't blink once. >> we'll get to tom kierein. he's outside on the weather deck. how does it feel? >> feels like february. cold wind coming out of the southwest right now. some of the high clouds are streaming in. still seeing a little bit of sun coming through the high clouds. that's a live picture from the nbc 4 city camera. the clouds coming from an area of snow. you see the moving gray and white. snowing across ohio and indiana. ahead of that temperatures are just right near the freezing mark. that's it. won't warm up much more. maybe another two or three degrees for the high by later this afternoon. reagan national at 33. hour by hour through the day, expect up to around 36, 37
11:36 am
degrees for the high around the metro area and points south, north and west. highs above freezing. all cloudy through the rest of the afternoon. after 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. or so could get light snow developing tonight, continuing until after midnight. maybe up to an inch in the light blue including washington, northern prince georges county, arlington, fairfax, montgomery. way off to the west. higher amounts in western maryland. up into highlands of west virginia. then tomorrow, sun back into the low 40s. flurries on tuesday night. then a settled pattern and milder wednesday into the weekend. each day highs of 40. might get rain on friday. that's the way it looks. barbara? >> thank you, tom. new this morning, federal investigators are looking into the deadly tour bus crash in southern california. police say the bus rear-ended a sedan and hit a pickup truck pulling a trailer in the big bear resort area.
11:37 am
the crash killed at least eight people. the bus had brake problems. nbc news couldn't confirm where they started the trip or if they were u.s. or mexican tourists. >> switching gears relief at the gas pump was short lived. the national average is up 17 cents from a week ago to 3:52. our region is seeing the price go up as well. virginia is the cheap nest the region. 14 cents. maryland has also seen an increase of 15 cents, paying 3.54 a gallon. in west virginia drivers are paying 3.63, 15 cents more than
11:38 am
a week ago. are people having to use the gas? >> not bad. the only congestion is as you cross the american legion bridge getting closer georgetown pike. we'll head to 395 and take a live look as you make your way past duke. travel lanes are open. in the shoulder lane you will see construction in the right shoulder lane. let's continue across the 14th street bridge. no issues there as you commute in the district. no reports of accidents now. that's good news. barbara, back to you. >> thanks, danella. it's black history month. today would have been rosa parks's birthday. and there will be a stamp issued in her honor today. welcome to you. great to see you.
11:39 am
tell us about the stamp. how did you decide to do this? >> this is the rosa parks stamp. go out and see it. we are excited to honor this civil rights icon. her one act of courage helped to change the nation. we are very excited to have the opportunity. >> was it a big decision on which picture to use? a picture on the bus or a nice close-up picture as you have chosen? >> this was actually a portrait. it was done by thomas blackshear the second. it is one of her famous poses. so we were very pleaseded to present her on the stamp in this way. >> it's a beautiful stamp. of course it has the new price tag. >> yeah. >> it's a forever stamp. >> you can use it if and when the price changes again.
11:40 am
>> where are we now on the price of a stamp? >> 46 cents. but if you have 45 cent forever stamps, use them. they are good until you run out. >> those are certainly worth buying. they're just beautiful. eleanor, tell us about tonight's black history event and why the frederick douglas statue will be moved. >> it's not unrelated to rosa parks. both rosa parks and frederick douglas are going to go to the u.s. capitaocapitol. she'll be the first woman in statuary hall just as i was able to get her to be the first woman who lay in state when she died. le but frederick douglas is
11:41 am
going there as the statue who represents the district of columbia. finally going to get him into statuary hall. there he is at one judiciary hall where tonight we'll have a send-off. a black history month send-off. that statue has been lying and waiting for about six years now. congress refused because they said it was only from state. we are not putting frederick douglas there. we are putting him there because he was the quintessential washingtonian. he was on the d.c. city council as it was called. city council at the time. he was a great exponent of what he called d.c. suffrage. we would say congressional voting rights. >> now recognized in the washington valley's big christmas special. everybody knows frederick douglas. if they don't they should.
11:42 am
>> we want them to know frederick douglas, the washington a ian. >> i want you to tell us why it's important to remember people like douglas and rosa parks this month and every month of the year. >> black history month started here as black history week. too little attention was paid to african-americans who helped make this country. it's important to come to grips with who they are. especially in our schools. tonight we're having a send-off at 6:30 at one issue scare. there will be a brief program. we'll tell people something they don't know. a man who has written a book about frederick douglas and his work will be there. many of us don't know most things about great african-americans. >> what time tonight? >> 6:30. >> all right. at one judiciary square.
11:43 am
thank you for coming to celebrate black history month. >> my pleasure. >> 11:42. still ahead, why athletes are taking up yoga. plus, who is considering
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you're watching news 4 midday. >> free wifi across the united states could be a reality. the federal communications commission is looking into creating a free wifi network across the country. they say it would allow schools and businesses to lower costs and could help people who can't afford high cell phone or internet bills. wireless companies are already banning together to block this plan. they say free wifi could
11:47 am
interfere with existing cell networks. back below that all important 14,000 mark the s&p 500 below an important key level of 1500. there is political concern especially about fears about europe resurfacing a little bit. whether we should pay attention over the long term or if there is short term nervousness. blackberry came out with the blackberry ten which is getting good reviews. no longer traded as research in motion. they are now blackberry. bbry is the first day of trading
11:48 am
under that ticker symbol, up 10%. i'm old school but i like my touch screen. young people stare at me like a dinosaur. >> there are a few of you still around. have a great day. see you later. here is where we are going now. going to yoga. athletes going to yoga to help with training. you brought your student, chris. can athletes benefit from something like yoga? >> like we saw last night when the lights went out, a lot of the football players were on the ground doing stretches.
11:49 am
they needed to keep their muscles warm as you can see from high impact sports like getting hit or running along. >> you've got to get loose. >> you've got to get the lactic acid out of the muscles and stretch it out. >> the joints get tight. one of the misconceptions and one of the things i can say is i know athletes who do ballet because they have to have great footwork and great balance. >> great balance. >> have people come to you, as chris gets into a second pose and said, i don't know if my masculinity allows me to do yoga. >> a lot of times athletes say i have a hard time reorienting my perspective. i want to go in and crush it, really work hard. you learn to establish, lengthen the spine which feels good. elongate the breath and really establish balance between the muscles that work hard for you in performance-related activity and letting them go in yoga.
11:50 am
>> what exactly is this doing? >> if you're a stay at home mom you can do it with the kids before you chop the onions. stand here, be sure the low back a is long. low back issues can be irritated but only if the back isn't long like his. this relax it is body. relaxes the hamstrings like down dog. it's an easier pose. >> as we get chris into a third and final, we always call it the wow pose because it makes people say, wow. how did he or she do that. >> exactly. >> you're finding more athletes turning to this? >> more and more. there is an increased number. i sent the article of the giants player doing it. last night during the game i wanted to say, look at that pose. it's becoming part of the practice. part of the athletes' practice. >> i'm like, wow, i hope chris doesn't kick me in the face. >> this is a great pose. it reverses the effects of
11:51 am
gravity, high impact sports, lines the skeleton, the vertebra on top of the floor. that's shoulder stand. >> wow. >> athletes that do it on a regular basis. >> don't forget gymnasts and everything they do. >> talking about the lands and everything, yeah. >> chris, come on down. i will step back a little bit so chris can come down. thanks for demonstrating that yoga can be for athletes as well. see you next time. yoga can be used for those who are buff and those who are just little skinny guys with no muscle tone like me. the time is 11:51. coming up, why watching the clock could help you lose weight and storm team 4 meteorologist dinner's ready.
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 midday. >> don't feel like cooking
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tonight? go out to dinner. it's metropolitan washington restaurant week. more than 240 of the finest restaurants in our area are taking part now through sunday get a three-course lunch for $20.13 a person. dinners will set you back $35.13 a person. you can find all the restaurants that are participating and even see the menus they are offering by going to search restaurant week. what time you eat makes a difference. people who eat their biggest meal of the day in the middle of the day or in the morning will lose more weight. the search followed europeans whose main meal of the day is lunchtime. those who ate a large meal before 3:00 p.m. lost more weight and had a lower risk of diabetes. but doctors say it is too early. >> if you food deprive yourself.
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eat lunch at 3:00 versus 1:00 you will be hungrier at 3:00. so much more likely to overeat. >> the truth stands. if you eat too much and move too little, you will gain weight no matter what time you eat. >> a study finds office germs spread no matter if you cover your nose when sneezing and coughing. the hufing ton post got a copy of the study. researchers found a sick person's germs can spread through the office in just four hours. they tested folks by dropping a fake virus on their hands. the germ spread to the office coffee pot handle, tabletops, doorknobs, phones, everywhere. if you're sick at work, stay home and wash your hands after sneezing and coughing. let's look now at the stories we are following on new s 4 this afternoon. how are your new year's resolutions going? why many people are still deciding whether to make
11:57 am
resolutions let alone follow them. plus, keeping your personal information safe from your cell phone to your computer. simple things you can do to keep from being a target of identity theft. tonight on news 4 at 5:00, celebrations in baltimore take a nasty turn. we'll have the good and bad as fans prepare to welcome home the super bowl champs to the charm city. >> we have had increasing clouds. it's still cold. all the clouds from an area of snow in ohio now. ahead of that, right now near freezing. reagan national at 34. may get to 37, 38 by mid afternoon. here at midday it's only a little bit above freezing. by late afternoon, perhaps around sun set, maybe flurries falling. after that, the snow may come down harderrom time to time between 8:00 p.m. to around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning on tuesday leaving up to an inch, a dusting or so. south and east of washington. much higher in the dark blue
11:58 am
zone. two inches or more in the mountains of western maryland, west virginia. sun back tomorrow. into the low 40s. a lot of snow that falls by dawn tomorrow will melt tomorrow afternoon. flurries late tuesday night. highs in the 40s wednesday into the weekend. maybe rain on friday. we'll be here tomorrow morning early. stay tuned. >> tom, thanks. >> thanks for joining us. tune in to news 4 at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for the day's news. >> we'll be back tomorrow at 11:00 for news 4 midday. hope you will join us. [ male announcer ] when your business is powered by verizon, you can do more business per second. and with more reliable internet, that's more per second. and with a dedicated line, it's more per second. and with an additional line, it's more... table for 15? [ male announcer ] ...per second. but most importantly, it's more... mmm! [ male announcer ] ...per second.
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